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At Vitality Organics, we love working with a range of suppliers to bring the best quality organic produce to the people of the Mount. 

Our suppliers not only provide incredible products, but are passionate about what they do, and delivering a great experience to our customers. 


 Little Drum Coffee Roasters

Based just down the road from us, Little Drum are a boutique coffee roasters distributing their specialty coffee only to the Tauranga area. Owner Charlie is passionate about the craft of roasting coffee, and works closely with us to make sure we have the right roast and are making each coffee perfectly for our customers.




Flow State

Flow state fungi

Previously the owners of Vitality Organics, Dave and his wife Rachel continue to supply us with their incredible medicinal mushroom blends! 

These two fungi-fiends continue to take the world by storm and are so passionate about the health and wellbeing of their community. They aim to provide accessible and affordable products to enhance health and vitality naturally with their products. 

They're also incredible humans who built Vitality Organics and the community around it - which we love them for every single day! 


Seleno Health

Seleno health maca and cacao

Corin and Sally from Seleno Health are truly passionate about bringing Peruvian maca and cacao to New Zealand in its purest form. 

Their products are backed by thorough scientific research, and supported by thousands of years of indigenous wisdom from Peru. 

We use their Cacao across a number of bowls, smoothies and hot drinks, plus we can add maca to any of our drinks or smoothies. We love our Maca Mocha with Shrooms, which features both together in perfect harmony. 


Our Commitment

Our team takes great pride in providing the highest level of care, love, and consideration to every beverage, snack, and product we offer.

Sean perfecting the art of the Macha Moca