New year, new packaging!

Here at VO, we care as much about what we put into our bodies as what we give and receive from the Earth. We are genuinely driven to minimise our personal impact on the environment through packaging that degrades quickly.

You may have noticed that our organic hemp seeds packaging has changed recently. The big driver behind that change was to ensure we are making the most environmentally sustainable choices possible and leading by example where we can. The black pouches are home compostable if you treat them right! That means they need heat, water, oxygen, soil and micro-organisms which should be present in a healthy home compost. Basically, if you keep your home compost healthy and pop the bag in when its finished within 50-90 days, it will decompose to a product that can be used on your garden. How cool is that!

To be more efficient, we recommend removing as much of the stickers as possible, as they will take longer than the bags to decompose. Our product has also increased in size, meaning that our wonderful customers get more in one go, minimising our impact elsewhere too. Alongside this, we of course always chose to buy organic, meaning herbicides and pesticides are not tainting the hemp, or the wider environment and eco systems.

We really hope you make the most of the change we have made, we are super proud of it. Remember the small decisions we make each day all have positive and negative consequences, on our health, our loved ones and of course the environment. Choose wisely.

If you want even more information, please refer to our supplier’s website, the link is below!



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