Sustainable Choices

*Photo featuring wild foraged Nova Scotian chanterelle mushrooms, home-made kale pesto, and organic hemp seeds*

Kia Ora Whanau!

Hope you’ve all had an amazing winter in New Zealand and have managed to maintain your holistic wellbeing to keep those rainy days from affecting your mood.

It’s been a big few months for our crew. With an incredible trip to the east coast of Canada for two of us, as well another spending 6 months in Colorado. It’s been full of adventure, beaches, mountains, workouts, and smoothies galore.

What’s been especially interesting for us is seeing how the organic plant-based movements are changing the health game in different contexts.

On the east coast of Canada, farmers markets are a massive part of the local culture, featuring small-scale producers and artisans with a consistent emphasis on supporting the local economy. It was so cool to see young organic growers, following a dream of sustainable agriculture and forging their way in an economy dominated by a corporate food system.

In Canada as well the USA, hemp is everyyyyyyyywhere! Every vegan restaurant we visited used hemp seeds in their salads, and hemp seeds and protein were available as an add-on for any smoothie. Hemp milk is available in majority of grocery stores, and it’s SO cheap, making it accessible to anyone interested in adding more plant-based nutrients and protein to their diet.

Besides hemp, recreational cannabis is legal in Colorado, and will be legalized in Canada as of 17th October, 2018. Medicinal cannabis is widespread and accessible, providing a natural alternative for those who choose plant-medicine outside of the corporate pharmaceutical system. We witnessed an empowered population of cannabis consumers who are informed in the products they’re using and are supporting local artisanal growers and producers. No doubt that legalizing cannabis comes with pros and cons. However, in a society where products such as alcohol, sugar, meat, dairy, and tobacco are socially celebrated and oftentimes encouraged (tobacco less so), there is ample room for the minimal-risks of cannabis.

What we saw was a sign of where we’re heading. CHANGE is in the air regarding how we treat out bodies and our planet. People are waking up to how to live more sustainably and in harmony with the planet; people are waking up to the incredible benefits of plants and wanting to integrate more of them into their diets.

We are waking up to the lies we’ve been fed by the corporate elite that are keeping societies sick and docile. It’s an exciting time to be young and healthy and part of a movement of human evolution.

We’ve come back from our trips super INSPIRED and ready to ignite a spark in each of you. If you’re reading this, chances are you are already striving to live a healthy lifestyle and optimize the functioning of your body, mind, and spirit.

We are ready to grow our community and learn more about the benefits of a whole-foods, plant-based lifestyle.

As part of this inspiration, we’re launching a series of blog posts on sustainable choices. We’re diving a bit deeper on hot topics of sustainability to deepen our own understanding, and also to critically examine information in the mainstream media. This will include topics on some of the following; organic agriculture, local economies, waste-minimization efforts, minimalism, tiny homes, cannabis, and more!

We’ve got some super exciting, brand-new content coming your way. Stay tuned!

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