At the core of conscious business

In today’s global consumer culture, where we spend our money is directly related to the world we want to see unfold.

Supporting businesses whose values align with yours is a powerful way of voting with your dollar. For us, this means supporting;

  • Locally owned businesses, rather that big trans-national corporations.
  • Ethically sourced products with just labour conditions.
  • Business with strong environmental ethics, who integrate sustainability practices into their sourcing, packaging, and distribution.
  • Organic tribe- businesses whose ethos respect the natural rhythms of our planet, allowing things to grow organically, rather than forced through chemical concoctions and synthetic growth.

Keep it Local

It always feels good spending your money when you know the receiver on the other end then spends their money in the community. Spending local creates a cycle of local resilience, where people support one another and their unique talents and abilities.

Locally owned businesses have spirit that reflects the energy of the community. Buying local means saying NO to corporate-driven low-quality production chains. Often, large trans-national corporates top priority is PROFIT, which means cutting corners on product quality, labor conditions, and environmental considerations.

For example, when we go for our weekly veggies from Be Organics, not only to we know we’re getting top quality locally grown goodness, but also seeing Beth, Olly, Poppy and Baby Otis (Ewok too) in the shop, we know our money is going to support our family tribe and staying in the community- not to some off-shore bank account fueled by corporate greed.

Ethical Sourcing

Every product we bring into our homes was made by someone somewhere. From the plastic packaging on our mushrooms to the handle of our toothbrushes and the chemical cleaners under the bathroom sink. We always consider the quality of employment and working conditions that laborers are exposed to- try to put yourself in their shoes and imagine if you’d be comfortable handling chemicals or inhaling fumes from plastic production.

We’re so disconnected from the production line that we never HAVE to imagine these scenarios. Clever marketing campaigns try to keep us disconnected so we don’t think beyond ME ME ME and how happy we are to have whatever product.

Buying local keeps you CONNECTED to the producer of what you’re buying. It keeps you connected to their story, their family, and their hopes and aspirations. Connection is KEY in society today to break down the segregation mentality that keeps us from living in unity.

Environmental Ethics

Imported products from trans-national corporates means heaps of travel miles for consumer goods to reach your door. This is a massive consideration when it comes to FOOD. There are so many top-notch local fruit and veggie farmers that if you give it an honest go, you could probably keep your plate within a 100km radius. This means eating seasonally and being connected to plant rhythms as they interact with season changes.

Of course, there are many food items we’ve come to rely on as integral parts of our diets that come from unique growing environments around the world. Bananas, cacao, coconut, and quinoa, to name a few (although local bananas are available in season in New Zealand if you’re lucky, and there’s a new family-owned business growing organic quinoa in NZ too- epic!). We still have a choice when sourcing our foreign foods, and we source only 100% organic certified, meaning no nasty chemical sprays in the environment or inhalation from farm workers.

Community and Connection

Since time immemorable our species has bonded over the ritual of eating. What we eat literally becomes what we are. When we eat food together, consistently as a tribe, we develop a connection of cellular similarity. Our mental and emotional states begin to mirror eachother and we start to move together as one.

We are re-creating the business ethos of rigidity, separation, and conformity. We believe that business should be about bringing people together, building community, and sharing food and drink. We want to build a culture around our products that develops human consciousness.

We are SO grateful to our tribe- without our customers we wouldn’t have the pleasure of opening our doors every day. You are our family. It is thanks to you that we are inspired and encouraged to keep dishing up premium quality organic plant-based goodness.


These are the thought and heart processes that go behind our product sourcing.

These are the values we hold dear to our hearts.

These are the intentions we infuse into the products we sell and smoothies we serve.

We are here to change the way we consume and do business. We live by our values and are stoked to support the suppliers who keep our hearts and tummy’s nourished and healthy.


Stay tuned for another post on local businesses we love to support!

What does conscious business mean to you? Comment below and help us expand our vision of how we do business to change the world!


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